Author: Lorie Gurnett

Senora and Josiah clash with heated words as they try to make sense of the mysterious death of their brother Trevor. A flash of light blinds them and they’re unexpectedly pulled into Treasure Kingdom, a fantasy world from a beloved book with secrets to entice and distract them from their pain.

In Treasure Kingdom, nothing is as it seems to be. Their grief still raw, but now they must save a princess and the kingdom while being stalked by an evil queen and her guards. They cling to their faith, trusting God will not abandon them.

With the help of a guide named Sam, they follow the red dragon while dodging gunfire, but it’s the demons of the heart that threaten their very souls. The battle rages and Senora and Josiah are forced to choose sides. In a kingdom where good and evil are unrecognizable, who stands for truth and who is only seeking power and control?

Senora and Josiah risk it all as they find the greatest treasure and learn it’s value...or they will find themselves lost forever without a way back home.

Life seems so dark when death hangs before you. Grief might win the battle unless you learn your true strength within and become an immovable force.

Lorie Gurnett

Lorie Gurnett is a Soul of Fire. Through her writing, speaking, and singing, she encourages others to overcome fear in their lives, discover how much God loves them, the importance of unity within both the family of God and individual families, and encourages others to use their strength to pursue their dreams.

Lorie struggled to understand her true identity in Christ. As a young lady, she suffered with suicidal thoughts, emotions of being invisible, and that she had nothing important to say. Today, Lorie understands that she is God’s child and even when she hated God, He still loved her. Now that she is his child, why would He stop loving her?

Lorie has been happily married for 19 years and has 2 teenage children, who are such a blessing to her. She is determined to reach those who are hurting and be God’s arms of love.

Everyone is important and deserving of love and forgiveness.