Author: Louise A. Elliott

Live Daily Into Your Brainpower Pyramid is a planning journal to living your best life. This journal is a complement to the book The BrainPower Pyramid, by Louise A. Elliott and leverages the 7 steps for how to sleep like a baby, run like a cheetah, fuel like a formula one car, create like Edison, think like Da Vinci, learn like Einstein, and network like a rockstar.


Living into your BrainPower Pyramid can be achieved with intentional action. This planning journal offers a weekly scheduler, a monthly reminder, a yearly tracker, and a thought recorder. Each month includes the calendar for the month as well as a notes section to write out your focus.

When you consider your year, plan your goals to align with the quality of life you want to live.

Louise A. Elliott

Louise Elliott picked the locks on her golden handcuffs and rediscovered purpose and passion in her own C-Suite as the Chief Transformational Officer and Founder at CareerPowerShift, LLC. In 2013, her body broke down and teams of medical professionals provided no diagnosis or treatment plan beyond copious pharmaceuticals and suggesting an invasive procedure that even her own surgeon admitted was nothing more than a shot in the dark. From that experience, she realized the answers to her physical and mental health weren’t going to come from doctors, but from inside herself. She subsequently dedicated her life to sharing this truth and energizing people to realize holistic success by listening to what makes their hearts sing.

Since becoming a Certified Career Coach, Louise has impacted the lives of thousands through direct coaching, workshops and numerous speaking engagements. Her engaging style is a unique mix of honesty, compassion, storytelling, humor and logic and it resonates with audiences across industry and life stage.

Louise has a BS in Management Information Systems and an MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She is the author of the BrainPower Pyramid, a Member of The John Maxwell Team, Founding Partner on The Deeper Path Team, a certified Dream Job Coach, and a certified human behavior consultant with Personality Insights.