Author: Lucy Ann Costa-Quattrone



Are you coasting through life on autopilot without a clear sense of direction? Has society’s definition of success left you empty and striving for more? Maybe religion has blindsided you, leaving you to question who God is and if His Word is applicable to your everyday life.

It’s time for an upgrade!

No more same-thing-different-day mentality. No more lies, regrets, or powerlessness. It’s time to take God at His word and step into the life you were created to live—a life beyond limitations.

Strategic Faith will lead you into an engaging and enlightening journey from struggle to strength and uncertainty to trust. Author Lucy Ann Costa-Quattrone shares proven strategies that will empower you to:

Live confidently in your God-given identity
Stand boldly in your authority
Uncover purpose in your everyday life

Harness the power of Strategic Faith and reclaim your greatness.

Lucy Ann Costa-Quattrone

Lucy Ann is a strategy coach, author, speaker, and pastor who is recognized for her ability to lead people into sustainable life transformation. She is devoted to empowering others to find passion and purpose in their everyday life and become powerful influencers in the world.

She is the founder of LucyAnnCQ Enterprises and lives in Virginia with her husband, Bryan. Adventuring and exploring the great outdoors are her favorite pastimes.

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