Author: Maleah Day Warner

What happens to an ambitious girl who grows up to be a mother?

Maleah thinks being a stay-at-home mom makes her inferior to other successful women. Plagued with unrelenting thoughts of inadequacy, she struggles to heal from postpartum depression without medication. Her search to save her body, her marriage, and her family leads to an unexpected revelation until she realizes a secret to incomparable joy and health hidden within the heart of mothering.

Lies of the Magpie flows with humor and witty observation, escorting the reader on an unparalleled narrative experience. This stunning debut memoir is Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) for the stay-at-home mother who longs for a journey of self-discovery without leaving home or arranging a babysitter.

Discover this not-to-be-missed, transformative reading experience.

Lies of the Magpie grabbed my interest from the first chapter. Warner’s humor and description captivated me to the very end.”

Luann Yetter, Author of Bar Harbor in the Roaring Twenties.

“A revelatory journey of a mother’s search to find healing from postpartum depression. This book is a must-read for mothers and fathers everywhere.”

Eric Dyches, Founder of The Emily Effect


Maleah Day Warner

Maleah Day Warner is an advocate for mothering resources and education, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression. She volunteers with Postpartum Support International Utah and The Emily Effect.

As a creative storyteller, she uses imagery and insight to capture the unseen magic of human experience. Her writing chronicles the otherwise mundane rituals of family life and turns monotony into a kaleidoscope of observations.

Also known as “MomMaleah” because of her passion for bolstering moms around the world, Maleah’s goal is to educate, validate, and elevate the work of mothering. Her humor, warmth, and real-life examples make her relatable as she teaches local and online classes and speaks to women’s groups to empower women with tools to heal heart, mind, and body. A healthy world begins with healthy mothers!

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