Author: Marci Brockmann

This is a story of hope.

Expressing your feelings shouldn’t make life dangerous. Knowing yourself and how you feel is not delusional, stupid, or foolish. Your feelings are not your fault.Have you ever felt wrong and lonely, lacking love and kindness in your life?

Have you ever fought your way out of a bad situation, only to find yourself in another?

This story is for you.

In this emotionally vulnerable book, Marci Brockmann reveals how growing up under the strain of mental abuse was mirrored in her subsequent personal relationships. She didn’t know anything different. After repeated mistakes and huge anguish over her mother’s opiate addiction and mental illness, she learned to embrace her own power and took control of her life. She learned that by living her truth, she would always be free!

With empathy and transparency, she tells a story that is at once typical and burdened by toxicity. She tells how she discovered who she is, and how amazing life and love can truly be when you give yourself PERMISSION TO LAND.

Marci Brockmann

Marci Brockmann has journaled for over forty years and swears it keeps her sane. She is a columnist for Elephant Journal and the reception her writing received told her there was a book begging to be written: this book. She earned her B.A. from SUNY New Paltz, an M.A. from LIU/Post and an M.S. from the University of Phoenix, and has been a high school English teacher for more than twenty years. She lives in Long Island, NY, with her husband, their kids, frisky cats, and many fishes.