Author: Margot Schulman

What would you give to finally have healthy, joyful relationships once and for all?

You have been stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns for years. Like a car, spinning its wheels in the mud, you’ve tried to get on a new path, but you only sink deeper into the muck.

Relationship coach Margot Schulman has been there herself. Six years ago, she walked out of her therapist's office and finally admitted her marriage was over. Since then, she has helped countless coaching clients heal their relationship with themselves as well as all their loved ones.

In Choose Love, she offers a simple path to:

  • Get out of old, tiresome relationship ruts once and for all
  • Build a bone-deep level of acceptance, trust and love within yourself
  • Know, without one shred of doubt, that you deserve and are capable of healthy, supportive relationships with every person in your life

Make a different choice for yourself: forge a new, simple path towards healthy, joyful relationships. The time is now.

Margot Schulman

Margot Schulman is a Master Level Relationship, Love and Life Coach.

She specializes in helping people build a rock-solid foundation of acceptance, trust, and love in their relationship to themselves and then walk that outwards to exponentially expand the joy and ease they experience in every close relationship in their lives.

She lives in the Hudson Valley, New York, with her two amazing children, Oliver and Isadora.