Author: Marie-Agnès Pilon

Time for another election - are you strapped in for the ride of your life?
Do you feel like election season is a roller coaster of emotion that leaves you nauseated in the end?
The Power of Your Vote introduces a different way to ride the election campaign train. You will need to do some work at the onset, but in the end, you will proudly cast a more educated vote on Election Day.
Times have changed. Electors may still feel like candidates and politicians are hard to reach. With social media, emails, and the internet, you no longer have to wait to gather information. You can reach out to politicians and candidates at your discretion.
This book will not tell you who to vote for, who has the best platform, or who is telling the truth.
This book will help you:
·         Understand what goes into a political parties’ election propaganda and how to decipher the information.
·         How to interview leaders during a debate.
·         How being active in democracy involves voting.
Be proactive in democracy.
Use the power of your vote to remind politicians the power to govern deserves to be earned.

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Marie-Agnès Pilon

Marie-Agnès Pilon is a first-time author who chose to talk about elections in a way that creates communication between the voters and candidates. She went back to school to learn communication and its structure. She worked for twenty years as a programmer analyst but found her passion for language pull her back to school. Communication theory gave her inspiration to investigate the balance between the author of the message and the audience of the message.

This book is the result of what she learned in school and her life experiences with elections. She looks forward to each election and engaging with candidates of all parties. She is not a member of any political associations, though she has signed a few petitions. She is not a donner to any political party. She truly believes in voting and choosing to bestow power to a political formation for the next four years.