Author: Mark LaMaster

Finally, a Game Plan for dads to help develop their sons into the men God intended them to be!

Many fathers and sons crave a stronger connection with each other and with God. Unfortunately, most of the time, we’re not sure how.  Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons provides an answer. Discover how to schedule a 10-Game Day season with your son.  Each Game Day is designed to engage dads and their sons in conversation on topics ranging from faith and friends to prayer and purity.

Each Game Day includes:

  • A Game Day Theme
  • God’s Key Play (Bible verse)
  • Pre-and Post-Game Day Prayers
  • A Pre-Game Planning Session for dads
  • A Game Day activity for fathers and sons
  • Post-Game Day Analysis Questions and Press Conference

So, are you ready to schedule your 10-Game Day season with your son?


Mark LaMaster

Mark LaMaster’s purpose and passion is to help good dads become GREAT dads by providing intentional, biblically based activities to help them raise their sons to become godly young men. Mark is also the founder of Playoff Parenting, LLC, whose mission is to help transform well-intended, passive parents into active and intentional Playoff Parents who teach valuable, Christian-based lessons to their children.

Mark LaMaster describes himself as a K-Love listenin’, Dave Ramsey recommendin’, Bulletproof Coffee drinkin’, Nebraska Football followin’, Jeep Wrangler drivin', high handicap golfin’, God-fearin’ father, husband, and son who wants to share his failures and successes to help you improve your relationship with your son. He seeks to bring you both closer to God. Mark lives in Minnesota with his beautiful bride, Jen, and two amazing children, Hannah and Lincoln.

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