Author: Mark Schinnerer

In this fable, Alan Morris has his whole career laid out in front of him - or so he believes. An accident gives him the opportunity to spend time with a successful businessman turned farmer and learns the timeless methods of setting and achieving goals.

He observes first-hand the eight elements that are essential for all success in life and how success and struggle are part of the journey. We each have our secret dreams and desires for our lives, but we are not taught how to make them come true. Like Alan, we also can achieve our goals and help others do the same.

Mark Schinnerer

Mark spent years with a dream to help others be successful in their lives and careers. Growing up on a farm has given Mark the experience of planning, planting, cultivating, nurturing and harvesting and the insight to re-grow his own dreams and goals.

His success today as a CEO is a result of using his farming and business experience to reach a level of success that allows him to mentor others to begin their own journey to plant the seeds of their goals, nurture it through its growth cycle and reap the harvest of achievement.

Mark and his wife, Linda, have three children and six grandchildren and live in Carlsbad, NM.