Author: Mary A. Rauchenstein

Over the years, bullying has been rationalized as "kids being kids," and the cruelty never stops. Victims are forgotten or dismissed, and bullies are not held accountable. Before we realize it, our childhood bullies leave the playground and show up in all facets of society. We thought we could lose them, but they're back—stronger and more emboldened with age.

Mary has seen it firsthand. She has intimate knowledge of the pain, scars and wounds of the victims. She has seen how these wounds can lead to unimaginable acts. Bullying is no rite of passage that anyone should endure. Mary has taken a stand against bullying and you can too.

In Right of Passage, she challenges readers to take responsibility to join a revolution—put an end to bullying once and for all by doing these things:

  • Recognizing patterns from childhood through adulthood
  • Speaking up as a bystander and as the victim
  • Upholding the rights of the victim to be safe

It's time we eliminated bullying at all ages.

Anyone who has been bullied has firsthand knowledge of the pain and scars victims endure.  Sometimes these wounds lead to unimaginable acts. Childhood bullies may have left the playground, but they are showing up in other facets of society. Bullying is no rite of passage any should endure. We have the right of passage!

Mary A. Rauchenstein