Author: Mary M. Stegmiller

Have you ever felt useless or far away from God?

Do you wish you could relate to the Bible characters?

Listen as grandma relates King David’s life lessons to lessons she has learned.

Learn to grow in God, and “carry on,” whatever your past has been.

This book is Bible fiction. Questions and scriptures are included for group study. The book is about King David from his birth until he is crowned king at Judah. The book offers a 3-in-1 benefit:

  • See why God picked a shepherd to be a king.
  • Cultivate better understanding of God and the Bible.
  • Personal Growth: learn how to “carry on” in your own life.

Warm up to fictional episodes from real Bible characters and learn how to apply their life lessons to your life.

Mary M. Stegmiller

Mary Stegmiler is the voice of one who has felt useless, and thought of giving up, but with God’s grace, ‘dug in’ to “carry on.” She writes to encourage and give hope to anyone who needs to know ‘failing does not make you a failure.’ In her storytelling she contrasts King David’s life lessons with her own. She wants the Bible to ‘come alive,’ for the reader because the God of the Bronze Age is the God of the ‘electric age.’ Those stories are for today, too.

“I hope sharing my stories and poetry will help my readers draw closer to God, find the courage to pursue their purpose, and “carry on.”