Author: Melissa J. Nixon

Many of us have a dream to do something beyond where we are. Whether it’s to write a book, start a business, a ministry, or more.

Her God-Sized Dream is the perfect book for women who want to move forward in their dream yet find themselves discouraged, tired, or lacking faith in the middle of it.

In addition to sharing the 7-steps to your God-sized dream, this powerful faith-building resource provides an inside look at the authentic journeys of five courageous women overcoming obstacles to their own God-sized dreams.

It looks at the highs, lows, and most importantly, the faithfulness of God throughout their entire process. This book is for dreamers at all stages who desire to gain momentum or encouragement to keep going. Saying yes to and pursuing your God-sized dream does not mean it will be easy, but every step will be worth it.

In times of our biggest need, God’s faithfulness will appear greater than ever before. Hold on. There is no time like the present to believe, walk, and run with your God-sized dream!



Author: Melissa J. Nixon

Are you fully engaged in your career or are you a part of the majority who would leave your job if you knew a clear path?

The Courageous Life provides the steps you need to catapult you from sitting on the sidelines of your dreams to living them with a sense of urgency and purpose. Forget “looking before you leap.” Do something that truly works like learning before you leap.

Author Melissa J. Nixon writes from a place of empathy and insight. She knows the path because she’s walked the path. The Courageous Life provides a fresh framework for exactly how to make the leap from your day job to your dream job. Each page fortifies your faith and reveals how to make an intelligent transition.

Written in a candid style, Melissa offers sound advice free of pretense and platitudes. Besides wisdom forged from her own leap, Melissa also includes real-life stories from nearly a dozen courageous women just like you.

Isn’t it time you left your comfort zone, embraced your purpose, and launched into your destiny, once and for all? Discover how to transcend your insecurities, overcome your fears, and plow through your courage blockers™.

The Courageous Life helps you leap from your career to your calling.


Melissa J. Nixon

Melissa J. Nixon prepares, positions and pushes leaders and organizations to make their next courageous move. The “Courage Coach”, as she is called, is known for being a thought-driver and the keynote speaker that will do more than be inspiring. She challenges audiences everywhere to own their voice, show up more powerfully and live by her motto, “I’m not afraid of failure, I am afraid of regret!”

The energy she brings to every stage causes a change in the lives of the audiences. She re-energizes them and breaks down perceived barriers in their thinking. Simple, practical, and real-life scenarios keep audiences engaged and ready to return and take action. There’s sure to be laughter, ah-ha moments, and “Yes I can!” revelations. Yes, your audience will be pushed to show up every day as their most courageous self.

She is also the author of The Courageous Life - How to Leap from Your Career to Your Calling and The Profit Playbook for Women – The Ultimate Resource Guide for Building a Successful Business. Learn more about Melissa at MelissaJNixon.com.