Author: Michael Voll

Do all things really work together for good? Sideswiped is a rare and raw look inside the thoughts, feelings and actions of a man who lost his love and his identity in the process. Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Readers will discover how it’s possible to find hope, healing, and wholeness after the sideswipe of a broken heart.

Author and pastor Michael Voll shows you:

      • Unexpected stages and outcomes of grief
      • Helpful words and actions that comfort those suffering from sadness
      • Three keys to finding hope and healing.
      • The redemptive outcomes of experiencing a sideswipe..
      • How a “new normal” is possible.

If you or someone you love has been sideswiped by death, no matter how bleak it seems, there is hope ahead. You can emerge as an overcomer.

Michael Voll

Michael Voll lives with his wife Melissa, and children Aubri and Zane in Edmonton, Alberta. He is the Associate Pastor at North Pointe Community Church and an Adjunct Faculty member at Vanguard College in Edmonton, where he teaches the Intermediate Pastoral Practicum class. He has also served on staff at Broadway church in Vancouver, BC.

Michael’s passion in life is to communicate for change in everyday living through sharing his story and creative teaching of Bible principles. He is a speaker, teacher and writer on issues of faith, leadership and family.

In his downtime Michael likes to be the tickle monster to his kids, read spy novels, lift weights and grill up a mean rib eye steak.

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