Author: Michele Stanford, M.Ed., CHC

“Once you know truth, you can’t unknow it.”

You also have a moral obligation to share that truth.

Author Michele Stanford has set out to share the truths she learned on her journey to recovering her health. What she discovered was shocking.

As a nation, we’re growing sicker and sicker; but, have you ever paused to consider why? With all of the advancements in technology, science, and cutting-edge treatments, why are so many of us still suffering?

While Michele dug deep to determine the cause of her health problems, she uncovered some disturbing facts. Informed Consent explores the harsh realities surrounding our food supply and medical system.

You will:

Discover the truth behind the origins of our current medical and pharmaceutical system.

Observe as the veil is lifted on the extent to which our food supply has become contaminated and on the mechanisms at play.

Yet, this book is more than an exposé. Informed Consent will help you:

  • Recognize our need for nutrient dense foods
  • Identify natural therapies you can use to support your well-being
  • Understand why self-care is critical to overall wellness
  • Emerge equipped to take responsibility for your health

Written in an easy-to-read conversational style, woven around her personal story, Michele presents her research in a way that makes it accessible to everyone.

Informed Consent shines a light on one of the most compelling issues of our time. The truth will set you free.

Michele Stanford, M.Ed., CHC

Michele is an educator, author, speaker, and health coach. She believes that living life nourished means nourishing all aspects of life: bathing our hearts and minds in truth and in turn, nourishing our bodies with healing, wholesome foods the way God intended.

After years of suffering from her own health issues, years of research, and finding solutions by addressing the seven foundations of health, she is dedicated to guiding others on the journey to wellness: body, mind, and spirit. Her passion for better health and her deep heart for people shines brightly in her writing, speaking, and coaching.