Author: Mike Bullock

Do you feel like something’s missing from your life? A key ingredient that stops you from achieving your potential? The absence of that one thing is responsible for destroying individuals, families, communities and even entire nations.

Author Mike Bullock wrestled with those questions for years. Raised in a broken, dysfunctional home, he spent decades yearning for something he knew wasn’t there – but should be.

After a string of damaged relationships, Mike found himself at the end of his rope, prepared to tie it into a noose. It was then, at the place between rock and bottom that he discovered the missing ingredient.

Once he understood what was missing, he set about adding it back in everywhere and the results were nothing short of miraculous. Mike stepped out of the shell his existence had become and into the new life, one he was meant to live all along.

And now, he wants to share this secret with you by helping you discover and apply the one thing that changes everything.

Mike Bullock