Author: Natalie Dawn Hanson


Are you striving to be everything for everyone, especially your kids?

Is the pressure to be enough causing you to ache for something more?

If motherhood isn’t quite what you thought it would be,

perhaps it’s time to discover what might be missing.

In our valiant efforts to be the mom we’ve always dreamed of being, we rise up and work endlessly to take care of our families. The tragedy is our attempts at being enough can leave us feeling overwhelmed and inadequate and yearning for something more we aren’t sure how to find, but desperately need.

Author, Natalie Dawn Hanson, knows how you feel. She tried with all her heart to be the mom her kids deserved yet felt defeated by her inability to do it perfectly. That is until she realized what was missing.

In Made to Soar, Natalie addresses the incredible responsibility and work of raising children in light of God’s grace and invites you into a transformational journey where you will learn how to:

  • Release paralyzing shame, guilt, and lies.
  • Build an intimate relationship with the only One who can truly give you what your heart desires.
  • Escape and overcome the stresses and challenges of motherhood as dictated by the world.
  • Execute proven, grace-centered strategies that build deep connection with your children.
  • Unite as mothers committed to passing on the baton of faith to their children.

Motherhood isn’t a role we are meant to simply endure. It’s a Divine calling we are meant to embrace and enjoy.

You were Made to Soar! Begin your journey of transformation today so you can soar in the joy and beauty of your divine purpose!

Natalie Dawn Hanson

Natalie Dawn Hanson is an author, speaker, and coach who has a heart for women and families and is passionate about encouraging, equipping, and empowering women to soar in the wonder, joy, and beauty of their divine purpose.

She lives on one of Minnesota’s beautiful lakes with her husband, Darin, and four sons—the subjects of her most important ministry and callings as wife and mom.

You can connect with Natalie at