Author: Nicole Musap

Self-defeating behavior is something that many people struggle with, but it’s not always clear where the behavior stems from. These self-imposed limitations are toxins, preventing us from achieving the love, success and happiness we deserve in our lives.

Author Nicole Musap knows this first-hand and has your detox plan. Nicole shares her experiences growing up in an atmosphere where addiction, denial, lying, and keeping secrets was the norm. Within the chapters, you will be guided through a journey that taps upon these eye-opening topics:

The side effects of a tumultuous upbringing and how it can lead to trust issues, fierce self-judgment and many approval seeking behaviors

How our brains become physically molded in specific ways from past experiences and how to begin the re-wiring process

How to stop avoiding the pain and discover the empowerment that comes as a result

The behaviors, mindsets and habits to put into place to love and trust yourself again

Each chapter traces through a collective of painful past memories and uncovers the link from the experience to the type of behavior it can manifest in your life. This book offers three revelations of action to transform behavior from self-defeating to life-enhancing. Feeling the pain, healing from the pain and then letting go of that pain. With anecdotes and usable insights drawn from personal experiences, Nicole shares ideas that have helped her overcome pain, fear and confusion and how to approach life's challenges with confidence, love, courage, and even humor.

By encouraging readers to reflect upon what happened and lean into the discomfort instead of the human instinct to avoid it, Nicole’s message provides practical steps toward change that can be worked into everyday life - Feel It. Heal It. Let It Go leads you to stop subscribing to the painful yet stagnant stories of your past, create momentum and emerge into the most incredible version of yourself yet.

Nicole Musap

Nicole Musap is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach. Nicole empowers women to shed what no longer serves them through transformational coaching and personal growth workshops.

When Nicole is not coaching or writing, you can probably find her on her purple beach cruiser with an iced coffee sitting in the cup holder.

Nicole and her husband are blessed with three tiny humans and love to experience the world’s immense beauty by traveling abroad.