Author: Pat Broomfield Bradley

See within these true accounts how the Grace of God intervened in the challenges, struggles, and daily lives of ordinary souls - souls who are now aligned with a growing host of "Light Bearers."

Embodied throughout the pages of THE LIGHT BEARERS you'll discover:

  • The true meaning of Grace that's yours for the asking
  • Amazing interventions that defy disbelief of "God with us"
  • How you, too, can live under the Shadow of the Most High God
  • Promises explicitly available for you, when you accept through faith the Redeemer of life - the Author of Love - the Provider of Daily and Eternal Salvation.
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Pat Broomfield Bradley

Pat Broomfield Bradley is a Kingdom Daughter and the author and editor of the under HIS SHADOW series. She’s also a speaker, and a Women’s Bible Study facilitator impassioned with the mission of pointing souls to God’s Truth, Love, and Grace. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, with working experience in journalistic advertising, as a newspaper columnist, and as a contributing author of magazine articles.

Pat and her husband, James, are empty nesters currently living in Wisconsin. They are the proud parents of four adult children, and the grandparents of two grandchildren.

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