Author: Patrice L. Harris

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the lists upon lists of things to do or the weight of being the go-to woman? Have you ever wondered how to hold on to your sanity and look sane at the same time? Wanna escape to some faraway place where no one knows your name? If you faintly responded “Yes” to any of these scenarios, then Are You Polished? is just right for you!

Come on, join the movement! Laugh, cry, get angry, but most importantly, start healing as Patrice tests the hilarious hypothetical connection between a woman’s sanity and her pedicure. Join an elite group of women who not only know the secret meaning behind the question, “Are you polished?” but also know the tenacious plight of pampering themselves, finding their rhythm, and living life in abundance.

Are You Polished? is just the encouragement you need to move forward, toward your self-care goals. Through stories and experiential activities, Patrice encourages her readers to pamper themselves and reveals how to create a powerful rhythm that works for them.

Patrice L. Harris

Patrice L. Harris is hilarious, loving, kind, insightful, painfully honest, driven, and a recovering workaholic. As an author, speaker and preacher, Patrice uses humor to disarm the toughest of critics, then employs wisdom, her own loss, disappointment and struggles to help others walk in encouragement, healing and confidence. Although Patrice has an impressive list of accomplishments and experiences, her greatest joy is being a wife to her husband, Michael D. Harris, and actively pursuing the abundant life God promised. Her greatest hope is to one day hear, “Well done, My good and faithful servant. Well done!”