Author: Rikki Meister

The Struggle to get out of bed is overwhelming.

Does depression run your life? Or Addiction? Or both?

Do you hate to face yet another day?

Depression and addiction are real diseases from which millions of people suffer. A Perfectly Messy Life dives into how Rikki struggles with them both. In this tell-all book, Rikki shares her dark and lonely past as well as how she crawled out of the darkness and into the light. By reading her book you will:

  • Learn to identify what triggers your emotional pain
  • Understand that you have a choice to fall back into old patterns and behaviors or strive to overcome the battle
  • Learn how to create the life you were meant to live
  • Find many ways to combat your own depression and addiction

We all have a choice to make when dealing with pain. What choice will you make? Rikki invites her readers to dig deep into what is really causing your pain and how to choose the healthy way to manage it.

Rikki Meister

Rikki Meister has a passion for helping people. She is a former elementary teacher and massage therapist. Through her writing, she is able to help many people get through the darkness and into the light. Rikki loves to transform lives through self-help and self-care.

Rikki lives in a small town in Minnesota with her amazing daughter, Riley, and her sweet cat, Lily.

You can also connect on Facebook @rikkimeisterauthor to find out about upcoming books and courses.