Author: RJ Hutchinson

This children's picture book consists of six separate short stories with characters Yako the monkey, a stuffed monkey who comes to life, and his new-found friend Emma, along with neighborhood children. Each story teaches life's fundamentals at a level that children can understand in an entertaining fashion.

This book includes learning to share; learning how to deal with bullies; learning about the hurt of gossip; learning how to deal with the loss of a family member; learning unconditional giving; and learning about love and being lost.

Each story depicts Yako the monkey, who is learning the self-developmental stages of life, with his owner/friend Emma teaching him. The neighborhood children pose many challenges to Yako in his learning abilities.

RJ Hutchinson

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. My passion for writing stories started early in my childhood. I was and to this day known to be very prolific. I also was very interested in drawing and illustrating. Being a professional photographer in my earlier years, I learned about posing and lighting. Lately, I have been involved with illustrating with computer graphics. All of my book illustrations are created by me.

As I have advanced into the later years of my life, I have felt that the young children of today are missing the basic fundamentals of early stages of life that are so vital to their growth into adulthood, thus my book stories. These stories teach in a very entertaining fashion.