Author: Ronald David Re

Where is God in the storms? Imagine a young parent receiving earth-shattering news—your little girl has a terminal illness. Although on the outside she appeared vibrant and full of life, on the inside her body was shutting down. Naturally, this news will bring any couple to their knees.

But what happens if your spouse turns to you in the midst of that storm and informs you of another deathblow—an unexpected divorce will soon be your reality. The one relationship you thought would sustain you through the journey of burying your child is now another loss you must grieve.

Although Ronald’s story begins here—devoid of hope and joy, it’s not the final chapter. Instead, he takes us deep into a story of reinvention and redemption. Within these pages you’ll encounter 3 secrets Ronald discovered in the midst of his storm. These truths helped him emerge full of hope and healing.

Who hasn’t wondered why “bad” things happen to “good” people? Chosen to Be Blessed reveals a powerful perspective on this perplexing paradox—How can a good God allow evil?

Join Ronald as he courageously reveals how God is always working on your behalf—beyond what you can imagine—especially in the storms of life.

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Ronald David Re

Ronald David Re has a track record over his career of problem-solving, analyzing issues and communicating to overcome obstacles. In 1999 Ronald hit a low in his personal life as his family fell apart through disease, death, and divorce. He clung tight to faith in God to make it through his storms. As he sought Gods guidance, he experienced Gods healing and blessings. He felt called to share God's redemption and restoration in his book, Chosen to be Blessed.

Ronald shares his secrets on how you can transform your life's storms to blessings.

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