Author: Sally Livingston, LMFT

Are you tired of trying but failing to move past experiences and relationships that have caused hurt or confusion? Are you caught in a cycle of repeating old behaviors that don't work? Are you frustrated and ready for something to give?

Get over it! is often perceived as a derogatory way to express frustration or exhaustion. However, this book flips the phrase on its head and offers a positive and encouraging message, making these the nicest mean words you'll ever hear or say.

Author Sally Livingston uses her psychotherapy and ministry leadership experience to show how it is actually possible to interrupt the Stuck Cycle and work the steps to make substantial change. When you follow this process you will encounter freedom on the other side of your it.

Get ready to discover

  • A four-step action plan detailing the way to meaningfully move to the other side.
  • How to snap back from past toxic experiences or relationships.
  • How to exchange the guilt and shame of being stuck for a new sense of hope and freedom.
  • The courage to start the process of ultimate healing.

It's time to interrupt the Stuck Cycle and Get OVER It starting today!

Sally Livingston, LMFT

Sally Livingston has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 25 years and a ministry leader for almost as long. She is a gifted speaker for marriage and family topics, as well as the arena of conflict resolution and anger management. She is a team developer and consultant, a certified Rightpath Trainer and Prepare/Enrich Facilitator.

Sally is passionate about helping people understand the issues in their lives that prevent them from living in freedom and equipping them to make the changes necessary toward that freedom.

Sally and her husband of 28 years, Scott are blessed with 3 exceptional adult children and live in Florida.