Author: Sara Nelson

The unexpected loss of her only child and much-loved daughter launched Sara Nelson on an unwanted journey into the darkness of grief. She discovered how easily the pain, purposelessness, and loss of a way of life that could never be recovered can pull a person into a quagmire of despair. Her path to recovery began with recognizing the importance of perspective, the power of positive choices, and finding personalized therapeutic strategies for difficult days. Sara tells her story with honesty and raw vulnerability as she worked through the emotional, physical, and spiritual complexities of grief. She reveals footsteps to guide readers through the dark maze of their own grief journey to renewed light, life, and hope.

Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson taught elementary and middle school grades in Christian school for 15 years before retiring from teaching to focus on writing. Themes of hope, faith, and trust in the goodness of God permeate Sara’s writing. She authentically testifies to the goodness of God, not because He keeps bad things from happening, but because He strengthens us, comforts us, weeps with us, walks with us, and carries us through, enabling us to overcome whatever happens.

Sara has been ministering in grief support since 2017. Her desire to provide comfort and support to others who have experienced a heartbreaking loss stems from personal experience. As a writer, Sara instinctively began chronicling her grief journey, which evolved into a book and testimonial to the faithfulness of God.

Sara grew up in Iowa and Wisconsin. After she married her husband, Dennis, they lived and traveled in Europe, Panama, and many states across the country as a military family. They now resides in southern Arizona.