Author: Scott Perkins

Discipleship is movement. Being a disciple is a progression on the way toward a fuller understanding of who Jesus is and what is involved in following him. Along the way that Jesus guided his disciples they encountered disappointment, suffering, death, and ultimately were led to new life. Everyone was unseeing as to who Jesus was and neither did they anticipate the form his kingdom would take.

The questions that Jesus asked his disciples and the crowds to encourage their sight are just as relevant to our culture and circumstance as they were to the original audience. Blinded by our passion for self, Jesus could easily ask “do you still not understand?”

In Essential Questions, Scott Perkins examines the questions that Jesus asked in Mark 8-10 and applies them to the unhealthy ways we see as we live as disciples in a culture that pursues a different kingdom.



Author: Scott Perkins

Jesus taught it. Nature proves it. Good trees produce good fruit.

Unfortunately, discipleship has turned into trying to produce good decisions, behaviors, and relationships without examining the health of the roots.

Your identity—where you seek worth and significance—feeds the root of who you are.

Tree of Lies equips you to experience transformation in your decisions, behaviors, and relationships by developing awareness of your lies, your root, the truth, and the fruit.


Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins is a discipleship coach, author and speaker. His passion is to help others understand their identity in Christ and discover their next step on the way of the disciple. In order to do this he utilizes questions that enable the person being coached to develop a next step that suits their unique circumstance.

Scott lives outside of Orlando, FL with his wife Missy. They have one daughter who is finding her way at university.

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