Author: Sedrick Bowser

Find your purpose, or go insane trying.

Dragons, like Kast, are born with a fire in their heart to find their one true purpose and reach the highest level of being. But Kast’s past has left him directionless and ignorant of the deeper nature of a dragon’s purpose. His determination is strong, but time is running out. If a dragon cannot find their purpose, according to common understanding, they will lose their mind.

Kast is drawn to the kingdom where he senses he might find answers, but the destructive force of insanity erodes all reasoning and inhibition. He is swept up in the dragon attacks when his eyes fall upon the princess—could she hold the key to his purpose?

On instinct, Kast sweeps in, grabs the girl with his claw, and flies away—only to find he has taken the handmaiden Aurah instead.

Now he must return and start over, but Aurah has plans of her own. Now, not only must Kast find a way to survive Aurah’s efforts to restore normalcy, but he must also elude the bounty on his own head.

A Dragon’s Purpose is an action-packed adventure in a fantasy world that brings to light the divine purpose in all of us, dragon or human.

Sedrick Bowser

Sedrick Bowser lives, breathes, and wars for one simple goal: to live out love. Blue collar worker by day, author by night, he stands in the middle of the modern-day struggle for the new generation of young adults to be the necessary encouragement in the critical moments of their lives so that they may heal and burn impassioned with purpose, love, and selfless truth. He lives to see the unknown power and capacity awaken in the lives of his peers and surrounding generations causing their light to stand against and burn into the depths of the dark grip on this world. He lives in the mitten called Michigan with his wife, Tonya, and family.

Sedrick Bowser is a blue collar worker by day and author by night. A Dragon’s Purpose is his first novel. He is passionate about writing stories filled with epic truths. He lives in Sturgis, Michigan with his wife, Tonya, and family. He loves to connect with people on facebook (@sedrickbowserauthor)