Author: Stacey A. Lucas

Sometimes your doctor isn’t the physician you need.

Have you ever left the doctor’s office feeling like something wasn’t right? Searching for answers in all the wrong places? Going from doctor to doctor but the diagnosis never comes?

Deciding to step out of the box to discover her diagnosis, author Stacey Lucas stepped into the unknown world of spiritual attacks and sicknesses.

Through a unique journey, she received healing in a miraculous way. While going through the darkness into the light, she discovered what it takes to be made whole in spirit, soul, and body.

Although she was Fearlessly Chosen, her healing was not complete.
In Fearlessly Chosen: Journey Through His Hands to Complete Healing, , Stacey shares how to :
    • Use the ME FIRST method to complete healing.
    • Find you purpose after your healing.
    • Understand spiritual attack and how it causes sickness.
Don’t let shame, guilt, or fear open the door for sickness of any kind. You are already healed. God will bring light to your darkness.
You too are Fearlessly Chosen!

Stacey A. Lucas

Stacey Lucas is liberating souls by sharing resources to revitalize the spirit, soul, and body of those in need of healing. She found her purpose through the miraculous healing of her own body. Today, as a transformed woman she works as a CMA, Deeper Path Coach, founder/owner of Liberated Soul Retreat, and founder/president of Soul Liberation Inc. Stacey is a wife, mother, and grandmother (Nina) living in Georgetown, KY.