Author: Stephanie M. Bullock

The Greatest Reason in the World to Teach Your Child About Jesus

Recent research shows that the vast majority of parents believe they are primarily responsible for their child’s spiritual development. However, most do not spend any time during the week talking to their kids about faith. 

Now is the time for you to begin investing in your child’s spiritual life! At the end of this story, you will find a note to parents and some conversation starter questions to help you teach your child about Jesus in just a few minutes a day. Ready to get started? Read on!

A blustery day turns into an amazing adventure for a little duck named Duckie.  From the windy farm and all that is familiar to the hillside of Bethlehem in a foreign land, Duckie invites readers of all ages on an adventure to meet the greatest miracle of all. This book gently introduces Jesus as He arrives on Earth as a baby and leaves readers wanting to know more. 

Stephanie M. Bullock

Stephanie Bullock is passionate about teaching people who Jesus is.  With her background as an educator for nearly a decade, she loves to teach children and introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ.  Through her writing and speaking, she helps parents learn how to introduce their children to Jesus and why it is important for parents to take the lead in their child’s spiritual education. 

Stephanie struggled with depression and anxiety as a child and remembers the impact Jesus had and still has as a source of freedom and joy.  Her motto is, “Jesus loves me, this I know!”  Stephanie desires for all children to know this joy and friendship found in a personal relationship with Jesus.  She and her husband Josiah live in Wyoming.