Author: Steven J. Neuner

Even Good Dogs Sometimes Do Bad Things!

Puppies like to have fun and play. But what happens when their special talents get them into trouble? When five puppies use their unique abilities to misbehave, they discover there's much more to life than having fun.

Dogs on Heaven Street is perfect for shared reading with a child. Young readers will love reading about all the humorous adventures Precious, Scotty, Moose, Frankie, and Spike are up to on Heaven Street. This inspiring book teaches children to:

·       explore their own unique talents
·       recognize peer pressure
·       navigate life’s challenges while pursuing their own purpose
·       understand the timeless lesson of God’s unconditional love

Use the discussion questions at the end of the story to help your child remember, relate to, and understand the goodness of God.  Learn more about author, coach, and speaker, Steven Neuner at


A lifetime entrepreneur and learner, Steven Neuner stands out as a leader of compassion and innovation in every industry in which he operates.

He started his first business in his twenties out of the guest bedroom of his home with no money, capabilities, or connections. With the love and support of his wife Corey—who is also his business partner and best friend, and a ton of hustle and grit, Steven has helped build, scale, and operate multiple multi-million-dollar companies.

He empowers others to make wise business and life decisions to realize their full potentials. Steven’s mission is to help others find their versions of this freedom, clarity, and joy. It’s in the success of others that Steven’s joy blossoms. “Money is just a byproduct. Helping people is the real reward.”

Steven became a Christ-follower later in life and maintains that to live into God’s purpose, one must live a perfectly imperfect life and balance their growth while living comfortably uncomfortable. He and Corey have family adventures with their three children, huge extended family, and closest friends.

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