Author: Susan Garrity Bish

Don’t leave your audience wishing for a time refund.

No one intends to be a poor presenter. Yet many presenters leave their audiences wishing for a time refund. This usually occurs for one of three reasons. A presentation that lacks a clear objective may fail to move the audience. Dynamic delivery that is not concise can be confusing. Dull, dry delivery can make a compelling topic uninteresting.  Clear, Concise and Compelling equips the reader with the what, why and how to present influentially. This book provides everything you need to take the audience on an engaging journey to a specific destination.

Coach, consultant and speaker Susan Garrity Bish has helped thousands of presenters move from anxiety to confidence. Clear, Concise & Compelling will help you to

  • Develop a specific presentation objective that influences the audience
  • Make strong audience connections
  • Harness the power of stories
  • Create influential slide decks
  • Deliver dynamically using the Five P’s
  • Turn anxiety into excitement

Stop dreading presenting.

Become known for delivering powerful, audience-centric presentations that audiences want to attend.

Utilize presentation skills to advance your career and expand professional and personal networks.

Become efficient in crafting and confident in delivering compelling presentations.

Learn to use presentations to change minds and influence others.

Susan Garrity Bish

Susan Garrity Bish is passionate about helping people learn, apply and benefit from communication and management skills that change careers.

She is the co-founder and managing partner of Bottom Line Technologies, a consulting firm that has played a leading role in equipping global leaders for success. When she is not focused on making a difference in others' lives, she can be found in North Carolina on Lake Norman with her husband, Myron, and BFF (Best Furry Friend) Blaze.