Author: Susan Lake-Harris

Do you want to say “Goodbye” before you die?

You’ve been there - the funeral where everyone is saying, “Have I come to the right send-off? The person they’re talking about isn’t the person I knew!”

How often have you thought, “I just hope my funeral isn’t like this”?

If you want your farewell to truly reflect your life and passions, then this book is for you. Why not say your goodbyes before you die?

Don’t leave it to chance - or to strangers. Whether you want to be at your own party, or you just want to ensure your wishes are respected, don’t wait. Plan your own bon voyage party or “living wake”. It doesn’t need to be daunting or overwhelming.

Sue will show you just how easy it is to take control of your own life and your departure from it!

Susan Lake-Harris

Sue Lake-Harris is an author, keynote speaker, teacher and mentor. She runs courses and events, both in-person and online – seeking to help people escape the prison of perceptions and self-limitation.

She has a background as a celebrant, holistic health teacher and practitioner, event manager, classroom and performing arts teacher.

Married 24 years and with 2 miracle children (the medical fraternity said she couldn’t have them), family and service are her focus.