Authors: Tina Mitrousis-Bouris and Lou Bouris

Usually when people talk about the best day of their life, they reminisce about their first kiss, their wedding day, or the birth of their children.

I will never forget the events of the greatest day of my life. It was the day that I learned that my life was not as small and insignificant as I once thought.

The day when I learned what true, unconditional love was. It was the day that I realized that everybody possessed within themselves something special. It was the day that I died.

Tina Mitrousis-Bouris

An author, artist and photographer, Tina loves the creativity that life brings. Spreading God's love has always been her passion, and along with her husband, Lou, has an unbelievable story to share to let you know that God is real.

A drowning accident brought her before God's throne, and returned with God's message.  She believes that if her story helps at least one person, then she has done what God has asked her to do.

Tina and Lou live in Springboro, Ohio with their two fur babies, Taki (dog) and Jackson (cat).