Author: Tracey McGlashan

“no hoper”, “good for nothing”, “lazy”, “bad tempered”, “wouldn’t amount to anything”

These are the words Tracey McGlashan heard spoken over her every day while she was a child. Words that would shape her identity and set her on a path that could have led to destruction but for her stubborn nature and firm belief that there was more to life than what she was experiencing, and the graciousness of a loving God.

In ‘The Secret Keeper’, Tracey shares her story and takes the reader on a journey which proves that abuse, pain, shame and a lack of self-worth does not have to be the end of the story.  With humour, transparency and honesty, McGlashan walks the reader through the steps she took to take what was meant to destroy her but instead became the catalyst for freedom, hope, restoration, healing and a life beyond her wildest dreams.  These steps can work for any reader who wants to experience freedom and healing from pain and abuse, and who wants to live a life on fire.

Tracey McGlashan

As a survivor of childhood abuse, Tracey McGlashan uses her experience to help broken children and youth. She co-founded and served as a co-Director for Southern Cross Kids’ Camps, an Australian camping program designed to help child victims of abuse.

Tracey is the founder of P.O.W. (People Of Worth) which provides workshops and seminars for people who want to break free from negative mindsets.

Tracey has a Diploma in Youth Work (Distinction) and a Diploma in Mental Health.

Tracey contributes articles for school newsletters and is published in the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors magazine. Find Tracey’s blog, “Perfect Combination of Princess and Warrior” at

Tracey and her husband, Chris, live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with their two special fur babies.