Author: Vicki Veasey

No one but another widow can understand what a widow goes through. And no one but another caregiver knows what a dementia caregiver goes through.

Veasey takes us on a journey into the life of an Alzheimer’s caregiver, showing us behind the scenes of the emotional struggles, relentless stress, and daily frustrations she contended with as her parents’ caregiver, while simultaneously trying to come to grips with the reality of recent widowhood. Despite everything, the author never gave up, even though there were many times when she was tempted to. With time, Vicki came to accept her reality with courage, fortitude, and love. Her story is both spellbinding and honest, passionate and raw. And with time, she was even able to look herself in the mirror at night and say, “I’m an amazing caregiver!”

Caregiving Tips from the Heart are invaluable bits of information scattered throughout the book to help Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers.

Vicki Veasey

Vicki Veasey is an author, advocate, speaker, and widow & caregiving coach who helps others to maintain sanity and humor amidst widowhood, caregiving and Alzheimer’s. She helps friends embrace the joy in each new day, providing insight on caring with a loving heart, and guiding the heart in response to a loved one’s transition, pointing the way to a happier heart.