Author: Zee Dammerel

When you don’t have enough energy, you’re worn out - all the time. Some days you HATE your life! Yet finding enough energy to make each moment count, every single day in our fast moving modern world, AND have fun along the way is easier than you think! This book gives you the scoop on how to lift your energy, lose your stress and love your life! And isn’t that what you want?

Zee Dammerel

Growing up strongly connected to nature, Zee knows the powerful force it can be in our lives when we take time to connect. A lover of nature, a ceramic artist, an artist, and a creator of energy gardens, beautiful spaces to energise and lift people’s spirits, she began to write when she realised how great is the need for people to find their way back to the energy nature can give them, and through it, a way forward to happiness and fulfilment.