From Published Author to Successful Ghostwriter

For many Author Academy Elite authors, the journey doesn’t stop at publishing our books. We have dreams of doing more, both to inspire our vision of our potential and to inspire the potential of others. Author April Tribe-Giauque dreamed of taking her story of survival and perseverance to another level by helping other abuse survivors tell their stories. Today, not only is she a soon-to-be twice-published author, but she also runs a successful ghostwriting business that allows her to further pursue her writing dreams. I sat down to have a talk with April this week about her book Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse and how that launched her into her current success.

Lessons from an Award-Winning Author

Imagine you’ve put your entire heart into a book that combines everything you learned in your personal and professional life. An amazing opportunity stands before you to submit your published book for a prestigious author award. You throw caution to the wind and, putting all your faith in yourself, you enter that book into that contest.

How to Publish a Children’s Book: Success Story

Authors are first and foremost dreamers, and as dreamers, we tend to see the bigger picture before we see what our next biggest step is supposed to be. For Felicity Fox, a successful Author Academy Elite children’s book author, that dream started way before she understood what it would eventually become. She started telling stories from childhood.