Six Steps to a Better Webinar Launch for Writers

In the most recent post in this series, Can an Author Increase Their Impact with a Certification Program? I Did!, I talked about some of the reasons a certification program can help writers increase their impact, influence, and income. This week, I’d love to show you some steps that can help you figure out how to create a paid webinar you can earn more income from as an author. 
6 Tricks to Increase Your Influence with Facebook Groups

6 Tricks to Increase Your Influence with Facebook Groups (What Other Authors WON’T Tell You)

In 2020, lives around the world changed as we felt the far-reaching effects of the pandemic. These potentially detrimental effects were no different for authors. Live events got canceled. Conferences were rescheduled or postponed. Book signings became impossible with the new social distancing rules. From essential industries all the way down to the publishing industry, things changed drastically.

Hacking the Facebook Algorithm Machine

Facebook can be a really great social media platform for getting your book and your message out there and for reaching a wider audience. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Facebook uses algorithms, an automated machine, to score its users either in a positive or a negative way, so your choices and interactions matter. (These are similar to the algorithms or computer programs that Google and other search engines use to rank your web content.) It matters because the higher your score, the more Facebook users you’ll be permitted to reach.