Do you have a message to share, a passion project, or an amazing book you published? You want to tell the world about it, but you feel stuck to reach beyond your family and friends and your own social media profile. 

When you see other authors on the news sharing their message, do you wonder how the heck they even got on your favorite news show?

Well, I’m here to let you know that it’s so much easier than you think. I have done news and radio spots for years and have many friends in the media business. They’ve taught me so much that I’ve been able to use for my own press, and what I’ve learned can help you, too!

We can change the world with our voices, and we can do it on a much bigger platform once we know the right tools to use. 

If you follow my seven tips below, you’ll learn how to get your own segment on the news to share your message, grow your business, and impact the world—one book at a time.

1. Reach out to the local station yourself.

New stations get pitched all the time by PR people who want to get their clients on the morning show or evening news. And, quite frankly, they aren’t always a fan of PR agencies because they are the middle man between the guest and the news anchor. An interview becomes more difficult to do when they are not communicating directly with the guest. Things get lost in translation.

2. Reach out the right way.

You can email the assignment manager or editor for the station, but sometimes those emails can get buried. The best plan is to call the station directly, let them know you would really like to be on the morning show, and then ask them who you would need to talk to (the one who handles the bookings). Be kind and excited to chat with the person who answers the phone—they usually know all the ins and outs of the news station, so they can be a great resource.

3. Decide EXACTLY what you want to share or offer their audience.

Once you get the contact information, be ready not only to email but also to follow up with a direct call. You need to have a great pitch about how exactly you can help their viewers/listeners. When it’s consumer-type news, you need to show them why they need to let you present your message to their audience.

4. Don’t make your story evergreen.

When presenting your story, you have to make it something they want to use ASAP. If it is only an interview about your book or product, that will more than likely get lost in a pile of emails. When they read something like that they think, “Oh, we can use that later,” and then it gets buried, and you don’t hear back.

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5. Connect your story to a national news cause or awareness day.

For instance, if you are the author of a new children’s book about a boy and his dog, then tie your story to February 20—National Love Your Pet Day. If you have a business that makes ribbons and bows, then tie it into the holidays and show viewers “a new way to wrap a present to impress your holiday guests.”

You have to be creative, tie your product into a cause or special day, and then make it about the viewers. Remember—you are speaking to serve the station’s audience, not only talk about yourself.

6. Be the best guest.

Once you get the call, be ready and willing to go when they need you. Be confident in yourself and your topic and what you are there to present. But also be flexible and go with the flow! Remember—you are a guest, so if the interviewer asks you a question that is off-topic or starts to talk about something not related to your product, you need to be able to go with it.

News anchors don’t appreciate guests that get bent out of shape or act like they don’t know what they are doing. Be the best guest ever! After the interview, let them know how much you enjoyed being there, and if they are ever in a bind and need a last-minute guest, you would love to come back.

7. Always send a personal thank you.

Let the anchor and the station know how much you appreciate them having you and how much you enjoyed doing your segment on ______ (remind them who you are). Making an impression is important, and being a great guest will usually get you invited back on another “Special Day” segment. Remember—news stations have to fill seven shows a week. That’s a lot, so if you make their job easier, then getting on the air is easy!

Together, we can change the world one message at a time.

What is the message you want to get out into the world? Whether it’s about your book or your business, we’d love for you to leave a comment here to practice and perfect your message.

Lisa Moser


Lisa Moser is an author, coach, and speaker who has shared her messages on some big stages over the years—from Miss USA, The American Diabetes Association, Bristol Meyers Squibb Global Pharmaceutical Company, and Mrs. Universe, to name a few. She helps purpose-driven people learn the art of sharing their message in a way that truly connects.


    7 replies to "7 Tips You Need to Know to Get Your Message on the News"

    • Anja Sagan

      Thank you for this valuable information. It had never occurred to me that a news station would be in any way accessible to anyone without some high profile name or big agent or something.

      I have a first draft of my book done and would love to get the message out there to people who may be facing similar challenges – especially that there is hope even in the darkest places.

      • Lisa Moser

        Yes they need you as much as you need them!! Once you get that book finished you will be ready to hit the circuit!!

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        I’m glad it resonated with you. Congrats on your first draft.

    • Alicia Geromel

      I have been back and forth on my message, because my book is stealth-Christian, but for the the moment I think my message is: “No matter how horrible and full of grief a situation is, there is a way to respond which pulls the best possible outcome from it.”

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        Sounds like a great message.

    • Marci Brockmann

      This is great advice!! And very actionable. Thank you!

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        Cool! Glad it helped you.

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