Can You Unlock Your Future?

Is there such a thing as a key that can unlock your future? Sure, but it’s not a magic bean or a Holy Grail. And it’s not 1 key; it’s actually 4 of them. Back in 2012, while still stuck in my day job, I stood on the threshold of my future with a ton of uncertainty.

Although I didn’t know what the future held, I knew it was much more than my current reality. I felt it deep in my bones, and no one could convince me otherwise.

So, what happened? I discovered 4 Keys that unlocked my future, and today—just 8 years later—my life is drastically different.

4 Keys to Success

Key #1: Clarity

Before we can get what we want, we must know what we want. Clarity attracts, and confusion repels. Clarity only comes with action, and to act for success means understanding who you are, what your goals are, and how you plan to achieve them. When you understand all those things, success will come much easier to you.

Key #2: Creativity

Today is a brand new chance to create the life you love. Rather than reliving the past, create a new future. Stop comparing and start creating. Many people sit around and regret the opportunities to create they let pass them by, but it is never too late to act on that dream of living a more creative life.

Key #3: Simplicity 

Complexity kills clarity. When many people first get an idea for something they are passionate about creating, they tend to over-complicate it with too many competing elements. This can create a lot of confusion and stop you from achieving success before you even get started.

Key #4: Community

Without loving people, there is no leading people. The quality of your soul is much more valuable than the quantity of your followers. That’s why I created the Igniting Souls community on Facebook—to empower a growing community of authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches who also lead their own tribes to greatness.

What do all these things have in common? Meeting and partnering with Hollywood celebrities. Going from day job to dream job. Being a guest on top-ranked TV, radio, and podcast shows. Creating global businesses that truly help people. All these doors were unlocked with one single key: becoming an author and publishing the right way.

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QUESTION: What keys to success have empowered you as an author?

I’d love to hear about what has driven you to succeed! And if you know any aspiring or struggling authors who might enjoy this message, please share my message of hope and opportunities that are waiting for them to unlock their futures.


    8 replies to "How to Unlock Your Future as an Author and Earn More Influence, Impact, and Income"

    • Elizabeth Currie

      Key 3 is key for me today, I’m just starting out. I’ve all but finished my book proposal and have started writing my intro. I find when I write I have so many thoughts come it is hard not to head off on tangents. Thank you for the simplicity key. I will keep it in my. Thanks heaps 😊

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        My pleasure!

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        Our pleasure. We are thankful it helped you.

    • April T Giauque

      Key 4 hits home. If anyone has been desperate before to make your dream of publishing a reality, then this one is tough. You can be so swallowed in yourself that you miss the point of connecting and helping others. This is a great reminder that connections and relationships are key.

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        Yes, you got it!

    • Kristin Landgren

      We think we write our book(s) and then the selling just follows naturally. But there is so much that goes into publishing, promoting, and reaching others with the messages of our great books! Having an encouraging community is critical to success because it provides a wealth of knowledge and support in every phase of the process.

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        So true!

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        We are thankful you are a part of our community.

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