Have you ever heard anyone say this before?
Probably not. But what about this?


If you’ve gone to a few writing conferences and talked to other published or aspiring authors, you might have heard them refer to their books as business cards. You made have heard statements like:

  • I need to crank out some kind of book so I have more credibility in my industry. 
  • My book is just an extra thick business card.
  • People don’t actually need to read my book; I just want them to think I’m an expert.

This is a sad but true fact running rampant throughout the publishing industry. These aren’t the types of books that have ever changed anyone’s life. What business card ever has?

Your book can change lives

Many of our authors are faith-based writers, and one of the books that has changed their lives is The Bible. It changes the way we see ourselves, our world, and God. But it’s not the only life-changing book out there.

The $100 Startup is another example of a different kind of book that has changed many lives. Kary Oberbrunner, CEO of Author Academy Elite, said, “It came to me at a time when I needed vision. It helped me think my dream job was possible. Notice the pic. Do you think I got a lot out of it?”

Kary once received a handwritten card from someone in the mail. This girl read Kary’s book, Your Secret Name, and joined his coaching program, Your Secret Name 5-Week Journey. Here’s what she said:

Thank you for your gift of journeying through Your Secret Name program. My roommate has gone the longest she has ever gone without acting out her eating disorder. She’s at over 3 months now.

By going through the program together, so many deep spiritual things were brought up that we had never discussed together. We had some incredible conversations and were challenged with so many things to think about and talk to God about.

I feel it helped me in my intimacy with Jesus. I feel like I grew in the ability to ask God really genuine questions and I feel like he revealed His love for me in a new way. You are a wise and Godly man and I am so thankful that you are willing not only to share your story, but also to provide a safe and beautiful place for others to share theirs. Thank you for your gift! Two lives were changed!! 

Your book can be a business

I’d like to challenge you to think of your book differently. If you want your book to become a business, you need to position it that way. Successful authors think of their book as a business. Even better, they structure their book as a business, even during the writing phase.

In Author Academy Elite, you’ll learn how Kary Oberbrunner forged his own path by treating his book like a business through defining the 18 streams of income that can be generated from one book. In addition to that, you’ll also receive:

  • Lifetime expert training
  • A proven path to writing, publishing, and promoting your book
  • Daily coaching for 18 months
  • Lifetime membership in the Igniting Souls community that has 2,000+ members (and growing daily)
  • A complimentary ticket to a life-transforming, two-day writing conference
  • A professionally published book
  • Distribution in over 40,000 channels around the world

Here are only a few of our success stories:

Amy Schmittauer leveraged her best-selling book, Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging, to get on the world’s best stages.

Dean Fulks pre-sold over $50,000 in books before launch day of his book, Your Next 30 Days: Finding a Life of Faith, Hope, and Love in a World of Apathy, Doubt, and Fear. 

Sonya Jones grew her influence and impact after appearing on NBC’s The Biggest Loser with her book, 44 Lessons from a Loser: Navigating Life through Laughter, Prayer, and the Occasional Throat Punch.

Maybe you’ll be our next author? If you need help today, complete this simple application and talk with one of our publishing consultants today.

QUESTION: What book changed your life?

(Please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you know someone who needs to read this, please encourage them by sharing this post!) 

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    4 replies to "Why Your Book is NOT Your Business Card"

    • Dana Lyons

      This is really encouraging. I am only writing to help change lives so thank you for this article. Great stuff!

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        Thanks friend!

    • Kristin Landgren

      Yes – changing lives! Now there’s a reason to write, publish, promote, and succeed!

      • Kary Oberbrunner

        You get it!

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